Project Graduation Fundraisers

Congratulations on being a great, responsible parent. You are putting an event together for your child that they will remember forever – and keeping them safe at the same time. Below you will find a list of Fundraising Ideas that we have “borrowed” from schools all over the Midwest. As the area’s leader in Project Grad entertainment, we have been to lots of special events and project grad committee meetings. We hear and see tons of neat ways to raise money for your event. We would like to share these ideas in hopes that you can achieve a budget that allows you to put on the quality event for your child that you want. By signing our “Commitment Letter” we can even help you with some of these fundraisers… free of charge! Amberg Entertainment is committed to the success of your event and we wish you the best in your fundraising efforts.

Craft Fair / Business Expo

This is by far the best idea we have seen a school do. One of our clients does this every year and brings in anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 each time. Craft Fairs are easy to do and lots of fun for the community. The other benefit is that it lets a lot of people know about the event you are trying to do for your kids and you may get extra donations or special prizes to give away on graduation night. All you have to do is ask your high school to give you access to your gymnasium on a Saturday when there is no basketball or other activities going on. You then sell booth space to local businesses and individual crafters (suggested: $50 to an individual for a 10’x10’ booth and $100 or more for a business). Advertise around town that this is the place to be to see local wares at great prices all in one location. Then, on the day of, you set up booths with a table and two chairs each and the exhibitor does the rest! You charge the public $5.00 at the door for admission (maybe combine this with other fundraising ideas on the form – like a raffle / door prize). They shop till they drop (and spend lots on concessions – make sure to have those on sale too!) and you end up with a great community event that builds support (and great cash flow) for your project grad!

Cow Pie Bingo

Experience the "sweet smell of success" while hosting a cow pie fundraising event during a country fair, rodeo or on its own. A cow is turned loose on a fenced-in area which has been marked off in 500 three-foot, numbered squares. The cow determines the winner by making the first "deposit" on one of the squares. Chances on each square are sold for $5. The winner receives a small percent of the sales. Kids and adults will both love this fun event. Make sure that the animal is well-fed on the day

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